Throttling internet

Can the UK Meet its 2017 Superfast Broadband Rollout Target?

Four years ago the government set itself an ambitious target to bring superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 2017 (for these purposes they defined superfast broadband as 24Mbps or higher). To achieve 2017 objective they made some impressive financial commitments. The sums set aside included... more
Contract signing

Confusing Broadband Service Provider Contracts

A survey by 574 ISPreview readers reveals that many customers are confused about the terms and conditions of broadband service agreements. More than four-fifths of those who took part in the survey said that they find user agreements too lengthy and difficult to understand. Besides the length,... more
Throttling internet

Is Your ISP throttling your internet?

With demands on the average users internet connection in recent times there has been an increasing stress on ISPs networks to provide the best service possible and many have turned to solutions like traffic shaping and throttling. The main culprits of this are streaming services like Spotify,... more
Digital TV

The Future of Internet TV

Internet TV has been promised to customers since the early 90s, but the technology was not up to the necessary pace to allow the proper streaming. Now internet speeds are increasing every year and most people have the necessary wireless broadband that would allow television streaming. Many... more
Wireless broadband connectivity

Wi-Fi development in UK cities

The UK is currently on a mission to increase access to Wi-Fi broadband internet in major UK cities. They are working hard to improve access to broadband internet across the UK, including in Ireland and Scotland. However, even more effort is being put into providing free Wi-Fi internet in ten... more
SOPA strike. No to Internet censorship

We support the strike against SOPA. No internet censorship

Normally we stay away from from politics here at, but this caught our attention. The U.S. Congress is about to censor the Internet, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. If they censor the Internet, other governments might follow. Imagine the Internet... more
Sky broadband phone and tv deals

What is a Broadband Bundle?

Remember the days when you grow tired and impatient at waiting for a website or video to load because you have subscribed to a dial-up internet modem connection? You would wish that you should have opted for a high speed broadband internet connection.... more
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