Internet connectivity problem

What Is MAC Code When Switching Broadband?

The common problem people face when they are switching broadband providers is to handle everything in such a way so that their current broadband service doesn’t get cancelled before they get a new one. Especially in the case of businesses, they just can’t afford to have their service... more
Internet download allowance

What is broadband download allowance?

People who come from other countries and those who are just purchasing internet access for the first time often ask, “What is download allowance?”. In the UK, ISPs charge customer by usage time determined by the time it takes to download a file from the internet. Once you exceed your... more
Digital TV

Advantages of Digital TV

The television broadcast technology has reached its next generation of technologically advanced televisions. The technological tool is known as digital tv. For many years, the people have been using the analog type of TV which was first invented in the year 1950’s. Unlike analog televisions... more
Wireless broadband

How to Set Up and Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

For someone who is not familiar with setting up a Wi-Fi network or with some computer terms, it can come quite as a challenge to do a Wi-Fi setup. The task of installing these internet system tools can be hard especially when you have to brush on your skills in technology. Yet, as computer and... more
Broadband internet jargon

Beginner’s Guide to Broadband Internet Jargon

There must be a song out there that uses all the strange terms used when discussing the broadband internet. What normal creature teaches their infant to use speech that includes Megabits, Gigabits, Ethernet and WiFi? Below is a primer of broadband jargon you need to understand in this modern... more
Browsing the internet

What is Broadband?

Broadband, as it is informally known, is actually broadband Internet access. Companies allow users to input or output data at a high rate. It is a low-latency Internet connection unlike dial-up which is much slower Internet connection. In a nutshell, broadband provides Internet users with... more
Wireless broadband connectivity

Advantages of Wireless Broadband

How convenient it would be if you can access the internet straight from the comfort of your living room or while having a chat with the family in the dining room or maybe preparing meals in the kitchen without the hassle of being linked to the conventional internet wires? Since the internet... more
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