What is broadband download allowance?

Internet download allowance

Internet download allowance

People who come from other countries and those who are just purchasing internet access for the first time often ask, “What is download allowance?”.

In the UK, ISPs charge customer by usage time determined by the time it takes to download a file from the internet. Once you exceed your download allowance, you are charged extra. This time is measured in Megabits and Gigabits transmissions. Many providers offer an unlimited download package but this could be misleading.

Often in the fine print, you will be charged extra because you have exceeded the Fair Usage Policy. The Fair usage policy is the total amount of space the ISP is allowed to use. If your provider exceeds their limit, they must pay the main carrier for extra bandwidth used. Still, if you play the internet games or watch movies online, unlimited broadband package may be your best bet.

Just what can you do with your download allowance? Well, if you have a 20 GB allowance for the month and you download one movie, which averages approximately 10 GB, you have used half of your monthly allowance. If you are playing games with a gaming console, you will likely go over your download allowance before the end of the month. However, if you are primarily downloading MP3 files, emails and web pages, you have ample room for average usage. An average MP8 file on youtube is approximately 5 Mb. This translates into 204 songs or 204,000 web pages to use the balance of your 10 GB allowance.

While this sounds like a lot of usage, it can be too little for the average home. If you have more than one computer in use, then you need to take that number and divide it by how many computers are being used. Each computer user has the ability to open multiple pages simultaneously. This needs to be factored into the calculation of your needs. Each time a page refreshes automatically, you are using part of your download allowance.
As you see, the actual download allowance that you thought would be more than sufficient when you selected the package, can very quickly turn out to be too small for the real needs of your family.

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People who come from other countries and those who are just purchasing internet access for the first time often ask, “What is download... more

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