Cardiff Rises to the Top of the UK’s Superfast Broadband League

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, has just joined that select group of UK locations able to enjoy superfast broadband speeds of 1,000Mbps. At the moment this new service is only available to residents of the Hayes Apartments above the St David's shopping centre, but this is just the... more
Woman walking in city on cell phone

Simplifying Phone Call Charges

Many UK phone users find service provider call charge policies unclear. The cost of calling the 08 numbers used by utilities, health services and other bodies seems to be particularly confusing. According to a survey commissioned by Ofcom an average of 15% of phone users did not know the costs... more
Senior citizens using laptop

EE’s Techy Tea Parties

Digital services provider EE is working in partnership with Age UK to encourage older Britons to learn about the benefits of being online. Why should older citizens need extra assistance? One reason is that those under the age of thirty have grown up with the Internet, mobile phones and other... more
Phones 4U shop closed

Phones 4U Going Out of Business

For almost twenty years the Phones 4U network of cellular phone shops developed a strong high street presence. They attracted customers with a range of mobile phones and tablet computers from different manufacturers and service providers. In particular Phones 4U appealed to shoppers who wanted... more
Woman owned business

Encouraging Shropshire Ladies to Use Superfast Broadband

Shropshire is one of the government’s target areas for improving broadband coverage. A year ago they announced a major £24.64m programme to bring fast broadband to 93% of this mostly rural county. Besides raising broadband speeds to at least 24 mbps, the authorities want to encourage... more
Small business using internet

Helping Small Businesses Get the Best Telecom Service

A number of recent news items have shown that many UK small businesses are dissatisfied with communications services. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) found out that small businesses in London believe they get poor value from their broadband service providers. The... more
Broadband expansion

The state of the UK telecom market in 2014

For a decade regulatory authority Ofcom have been issuing an annual report on the UK telecommunications market. Service providers, business organisations and consumers all have their own perspectives on the state of the industry. Ofcom’s Communications Market Report offers a valuable... more
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